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The Ink Shop

Ink & Toner


We offer refill, and compatible cartridges for the most popular inkjet printers, including; Brother, Canon, Epson, and HP.


We also carry a full line of compatible laser toners for today's most widely used laser printers.  Brother, Canon, HP, Lexmark and Samsung.  All are guaranteed to meet or exceed the original manufacturer's quality and yield.  16 years in the industry. 

Plus, you can take advantage of our customer loyalty program and earn free

inkjet refills!




We offer printing services such as reports, notes, text, flyers, resumes and wide format technical drawings.  We also offer binding services.  Black & White, or Colour printing.

B&W Prints are $.07 page/side, and the minimum purchase is $.50.

Colour prints are $.25 page/side, and go down to $.18 a page/side after 100.

All print orders must be emailed in, with instructions, for processing.  We will automatically email to confirm receiving your order and we will then email to say when it is ready for pick up.  Generally 15-20 minutes or less, unless you send 100s or 1000s of pages which will take longer to process.  There is no need to call us to say you emailed something.  If you receive an auto reply from Google saying we received it, we got it. Please remember to include processing instructions: B&W or Colour? 1 sided or 2? How many copies? Stapled or hole punched? Do you need binding?  This will speed up completion of your order.

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CLOSED Tuesday July 27th for medical appointments.

Reg hours are:

Mon- Fri

11am - 5pm

You can now shop in-store. Max 3 customers at a time.  Still email in print orders.

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